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The Essentials on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration - A SAP Mentor 2010 Series


Title: The Essentials on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration - A SAP Mentor 2010 Series
Authors: Michal Krawczyk and Shabarish Vijayakumar

ISBN: 978-0-9842350-0-1
MSRP: $59.95
Pages: 304
Published: July 2010

About the Authors

Michal Krawczyk is an independent SAP integration expert consultant. He has been working with SAP software since 2005, participating in IT projects in Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Switzerlandand Italy, where he worked primarily with SAP NetWeaver PI, IDocs, ALE, EDI, CRM middleware and other SAP related integration technologies.
He is one of the most active experts on the SAP Developer Network where he was awarded the title of TOP Contributor in the SAP Process Integration (formerly Exchange Infrastructure) area for four years (2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009). He was also awarded the SAP Mentor award from SAP Developer Network on three occasions (2007, 2008, and 2009). Krawczyk is also co-author of the book “Mastering IDoc Business Scenarios with the SAP PI" published by SAP Press.

In addition to the 80 plus articles published on SDN, Krawczyk has also authored numerous articles published in various SAP professional magazines, including SAP Professional Journal, SAP CRM Expert, SAP HR Expert, SAP SCM Expert, SAP Solution Manager Expert.
He holds multiple SAP certifications including Development Consultant SAP Exchange Infrastructure, SAP Certified Application Associate CRM Foundation with mySAP CRM 2005, mySAP SRM - Procurement and Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver - ABAP Workbench 2003.

Michal Krawczyk also co-hosted the SAP TechEd presentation in Vienna 2009 and actively participates in demonstrations of SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII).

Shabarish Vijayakumar is a certified SAP integration consultant working with Wipro Technologies. For the past six years Vijayakumar’s experience with SAP has been primarily in the area of ABAP and SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (Formerly SAP Exchange Infrastructure), working in many countries including India, Canada and the UK.
He has been the TOP Contributor in the area of SAP NetWeaver PI for 3 years on SAP Developer Network (SDN) and has also been a SAP Mentor for the last two years in the SAP NetWeaver PI area.

Vijayakumar has been involved with integration projects in various domains such as Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities, Human Resources and is an expert in the area of Business to Business integration.

He is passionate about music, photography and enjoys traveling. As an aspiring poet he also hopes to publish a collection of his poems in the near future.

Intended Audience

This book is intended for the following audience:

  • SAP NetWeaver PI developers

  • System Architects who need to know some tips and tricks in the SAP NetWeaver PI space

Table of Contents

The book covers the following areas (click the links for a preview of the chapter):

BIOGRAPHIES 12   <--- Click the link for a preview

CHAPTER 1. ADAPTERS 16   <--- Click the link for a preview
1.1 How to troubleshoot RFC and SOAP scenarios 17
1.2 How to handle files with Random Position of Key Fields while using File Content Conversion 22
1.3 Conversion Agent – Working with the ‘Repeating Group Anchor’ 27
1.4 Conversion Agent – Handling same values for the Marker & Data fields 39
1.5 Dynamic name in the mail attachment - pseudo "variable substitution" 43
1.6 Sender mail adapter - PayloadSwapBean - Step by step 47
1.7 Command line sample functions 51
1.8 File adapter's acknowledgments 53
1.9 Oracle Stored Procedures & the sender JDBC adapter - Alternatives 57
1.10 The same filename from a sender to a receiver file adapter - SP14 60
1.11 Operation system command - error catching 64
1.12 Creating a RFC to Webservice scenario? 66
1.13 HTML e-mails from the receiver mail adapter? 77
1.14 Configuring the Sender RFC Adapter - step by step 81
1.15 IDoc Adapter - EDI_DC40 – demystified 84
1.16 A SOAP Sender Scenario implementation 88
1.17 Troubleshooting the FILE Adapter 93

CHAPTER 2. MAPPING 98   <--- Click the link for a preview
2.1 How to test your mapping (in real life scenarios) 99
2.2 XML node into a string with graphical mapping? 104
2.3 Throwing Generic Exceptions from any type of Mapping 109
2.4 PI 7.1 upgrade/migration - Message Mappings 113
2.5 How to use parameterized ABAP mappings - with PI 7.1 116
2.6 Easy ABAP mapping tests - no more SXI_MAPPING_TEST 118

CHAPTER 3. SAP BPM AND PI TUNING 126   <--- Click the link for a preview
3.1 How to retrieve the MESSAGE_ID from a BPM 127
3.2 IDoc bundling - the "trick" with the occurrence change 131
3.3 Collecting IDocs - possible ways with pros and cons - 5 ways 135
3.4 I cannot see some of my messages in the SXMB_MONI 141
3.5 How to find SAP standard proxy interfaces? 143
3.6 IDoc to IDoc tunnelling - how fast (and easy) can you get? 147
3.7 ABAP mapping logs - more standard = better visibility 150
3.8 Scheduling the communication channels 156
3.9 Timeouts, timeouts, timeouts 160
3.10 The things to avoid or implement when designing an ABAP proxy interface 163
3.11 Receiver Pre-identification – are you aware of its consequences? 165
3.12 Customize XPATH – An useful case for the Receiver Determination 167

CHAPTER 4. DEVELOPMENT ON ABAP AND JAVA STACKS 174   <--- Click the link for a preview
4.1 Trouble writing out PDF files using the File adapter? 175
4.2 ABAP Proxies say goodbye to Execute_Asynchronous method 181
4.3 Personalized logging & tracing 185
4.4 ABAP Proxies - keep them clean 188
4.5 Automate and simplify your processes - master data missing 191
4.6 Data type enhancements (standard Business Partner) 195
4.7 RFC or ABAP Proxy? ABAP Proxies with attachments 201
4.8 How to handle MS Excel files in SAP NetWeaver PI? 205

CHAPTER 5. B2B AND SECURITY 214   <--- Click the link for a preview
5.1 SXMB_MONI - controlling access to message display 215
5.2 Secure Storage Service with User Defined Functions 219
5.3 BPE Admin - logical deletion of a process instance 222
5.4 What you should know about configuring your FTPS scenario? 226
5.5 The Concept of a Party and Business to Business (B2B) Scenarios 228
5.6 Virtual Receiver - Why do you 'really' need it? 233

CHAPTER 6. NON CATEGORIZED ARTICLES 240   <--- Click the link for a preview
6.1 Usage of Fault Messages 241
6.2 Restarting successfully processed messages 253
6.3 How to structure your ESR: SWCV, Namespaces & Folder – A Strategy 256
6.4 Sending a message without the use of an adapter not possible? 260
6.5 Changes in software component version maintenance with PI 7.1 265
6.6 SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 – A Quick run through describing what the excitement is all about 269
6.7 RosettaNet / RNIF & XI - Breaking the Code 278
6.8 Licensing and the message size in SAP NetWeaver PI 288
6.9 The Choice between using a Variable substitution or Dynamic configuration – The usage of Adapter specific message attributes (ASMA) and Dynamic configuration 292


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